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Tracey Dockray
Guest Appearances

Tracy Dockray adores books and believes in inspiring children to love them too. She still remembers her school years and her incredible curiosity about the publishing world. How did authors develop their ideas, and how was a book created? In her talks she explains how illustrating a book is like creating a movie, where the illustrator gets to be the director, set designer, casting agent, costume designer, and cameraman. Drawing the characters from the stories that she has illustrated is an important part of the talk. Time is also spent with simple drawing instructions for the kids and an explanation of materials. She explains her visual inspirations for each book and her involvement with Beverly Cleary in updating the classic Ramona Series and Cleary's other books.

Tracy has lectured for the Learning Leaders Author's Read-aloud Program in New York and the annual Children's Literary Event at the Bethlehem Center in Dallas.

If you have any questions about scheduling, requirements or fees, please email her, and she will send you all the information that you'll need. Thanks for your interest.