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Tracy Dockray

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Email: tracydockray@gmail.com.

Tracy Dockray grew up on the Plains of West Texas with a love of books and innumerable pets. She moved to New York where she studied Fine Arts, acquired several old motorcycles, and traveled.

Her career veered from sculpture to puppetry to painting murals in hospitals, school playgrounds, and children’s rooms.

Then she began to illustrate children’s books, and is ecstatic to have illustrated 21 books, including two that she wrote herself.

Tracy now lives in a creaky, cavernous brownstone in Greenwich Village with her orphan mouse, a skinny hairless cat, a frazzly fuzzy dog, three children, and a very tolerant husband.

She is thrilled to have been able to illustrate Mrs. Cleary’s Ramona Series and The Mouse and the Motorcycle Series since she has a soft spot for both of them.

Although Tracy studied Fine Arts in school, she has come to the happy conclusion that drawing pictures for children’s books is the finest art she knows.

Selected Books Illustrated by Tracy Dockray:

Romana the PestThe Tushy BookIzzy & OscarThe Lost and Found Pony